Paying Seems Suspicious?

Verify using Securely.

Verify using Securely.

Securely detects where the payment is routed to the end and compare with tons of latest fraud trend in all possible types of payment.

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PhonePe Frauds

Daily Indian are silent victim of UPI Frauds.

Every month, India sees about 80,000 frauds paid through UPI, Fraudster are making victims pay by assisting on Call to avail Cashback / Offer.

Redressal mechanisms are near to none, and payments companies are left playing catch up as these scams grow more and more elaborate. Source – The Ken

Verify with Securely.

Before making payment to any suspicious merchant or link you received via SMS / WhatsApp claiming any prize or lottery.

Steps to prevent yourself from victim of any online payment fraud.

Powered by AI

Securely Fraud Detection is based on AI curated from latest trends of online payments frauds.

Copy & Paste any Link

Simply copy & paste any payment link to verify authenticity of end the merchant trying to collect payment from your side.

UPI Frauds

Upload screenshot of payment request to know the end beneficiary and if indulged in early frauds.

SMS / Call / Emails Frauds

Multi Step process in which user have to answer few questions that will relate to similar tricks used by fraudster which are in trend.